Chips Can Beat Cancer | Health Tips to Prevent Cancer

Healthy Chips

Chips are rich in vitamin C, which boffins consider could fight the deadly disease. It has long been chips as shunned as a junk food, but now, a new study has claimed that the humble chip can actually battle cancer.

people may keep cancer at bay by eating a portion of chips.

Nutritionist Fiona Hunter said: "Chips give vitamin C, which is an important nutrient believed to help protect against certain types of cancer. People who eat food rich in vitamin C are much less likely to suffer from cancer of the oesophagus, cancer of the stomach and breast cancer.

Hunter further added "There's no such thing as a bad food. Chips can be part of a healthy, balanced diet".

Scientists have suggested that a 175g portion of chips contains three times more vitamin C than an apple and nine times more than a slice of pizza.


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