The Weight Loss Goal to Go For - Just Losing Weight

Being overweight puts one at risk of suffering many health problems and may require the setting of some weight loss plans to help avoid those risks and prevent disease.

To become a weight loss all star, ask yourself, what should be the long-term goal, and what short-term goals should be set to help you get there. There is a better chance of attaining any goal if weight loss plans are sensible and reasonable right from the outset.

Learn secrets to losing weight and keeping it off and follow the guidelines advanced by experts in making weight loss plans and goals which are outlined below. They may assist in just losing weight.

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If a person, now aged 40, weighs 160 pounds and the long-term plan is to weigh 120, even if they have not weighed 120 since they were 16 is not a realistic weight loss goal. These type of long-term weight loss plans are more ambitious than they should be to maintain a healthy life.

Body Mass Index or BMI is a good indicator of whether or not pounds/kilos need to be shed. The ideal BMI range, according to the national Institutes of Health, is between 19 and 24.9. If a person BMI is between 25 and 29.9, they are considered overweight. Any number above 30 is in the obesity range.

From this point of view, a sensible weight loss plan corresponds to the required BMI based on height, is the primary factor that will impact positively on BMI.

Just losing weight to improve health is psychologically more helpful than using a weight loss plan just for vanity's sake. Big steps forward are achieved when the decision is made to undertake a weight loss plan that includes exercise and eating right. This will have those just losing weight, feeling better and having more energy to do something positive in their life.

Rather than saying how many pounds/kilos are going to be lost this week, setting the goal of the amount of exercise to be undertaken in the week is more productive. This aspect is a definite positive attribute to a sensible weight loss plan.

Keep in mind that weight, within the span of a week, is not completely in one's control, but the behaviour is.

In including exercise programs into a weight loss plan the recording of the exercise, time taken and number of repetitions will assist greatly with focus and regularity.

In the event of not having undertaken any exercise at all or for some considerable time the best plan for just losing weight is to gradually build up the exercise program, not doing too much at first. Building the exercise program is healthier, creates less pain and is therapeutic in its overall benefits. The same goes for food intake, gradually reduce the amount of food, however unnecessary sugars and fats can be eliminated immediately.

It is essential to evaluate any efforts fairly and objectively. If there is any short fall in some goals do not get distressed. It is important to just look ahead to next week looking for the positives - there is no need to have a perfect record but to have genuine intent. After all, self-encouragement should definitely be a part of any weight loss plan, otherwise they will just fail in the end.

Being more positive this week or having the intention of really getting serious this week is not a goal that can be measured and should not be a part of any weight loss plan.

Recording food and calorie intake, eating balanced healthy meals with less sugars and fats, helps in the realisation of what is eaten and the quantity consumed.

The bottom line to learn the secrets of losing weight and keeping it off is that any plan for just losing weight will only remain that, just a plan until that plan is put it into action by incorporating measurable goals that will be realistic motivators to success.

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